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Your wedding is going to be amazing; Your MARRIAGE is going to be even better!

My clients are joyful, fun & laid back. They value their photography investment for their day!

Is this you?!

Love bright, happy images + a meaningful photography experience? You're in the right place!



Most people don't know how to "act cute" on cue. That's unnatural and stressful! The MH experience provides you with instruction, guidance & practice! You will end up with images you LOVE & gain confidence throughout the process.

(Oh yeah, & you'll have a lot of fun!)

Photogenic people don't make great photos, your photographer's guidance does!

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Hi there! I'm Michele, a newlywed, photographer, Christian, dog owner who lives in Athens, GA. I met my husband while working in ministry at UGA Wesley and stayed in Athens after getting married! I fell in love with wedding photography while in college and never turned back!

Southern at heart. Drinks more coffee than water. Believes marriage is meant to be fun.

my name is Michele

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