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3 Things No One Tells You About Marriage

October 18, 2018

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As someone who’s just barely stepping out of being considered a “newlywed”, I want to give you some advice from my experience, so you can prepare for what marriage is really like that first year.
01 – Yes, your fights will follow you. This is bad news AND good news. It’s bad news for the obvious reason, you’re probably still going to fight about the issues you frequently fight about now. BUT, marriage has this special grace that makes fights not as scary and not as heated so you can start to make steps towards change. It’s also good news because it means you get another chance! It didn’t magically go away without you understanding how you’ve grown. You get the opportunity to grow together through the issues you’re facing – and you’ll be much stronger on the other end.



02 – It’s an adjustment, but it also feels normal. While Levi and I didn’t live together before we got married, I’ve heard from couples who have that this is the same for them as well. There isn’t some magic dust that falls and makes you “feel married”. More often than not, it’s the gradual feeling of being best friends with this person. As you wake up next to each other every day, eat dinner, watch movies, etc. your bond slowly grows to where life just makes sense next to this person. They’re home.



03 – What you sow in dating, you will reap in marriage. This one is important, because it’s all too easy to think “I’ll worry about that issue once we’re married”, but now is the time. Unless you set your mind to changing attitudes, fighting fears and letting go of selfishness, you’re going to be exactly the same when you get married. Trust me, it’s way  better to start putting into action the things you want to see change in yourself right now rather than wait for the beginning of marriage.

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