quick facts about me

I've been photographing weddings since 2013, but gained a new level of appreciation after getting married in 2017. You're planning a special day while also developing your relationship!

Brides don't just need great images, they need a great experience. They need someone who has "been there" to help them.

I'm Michele! Photographer, Online Shop Owner, newlywed, Christian & dog owner living in Athens, GA.

Nice to meet you!

+ I'm a newlywed! My husband, Levi & I got married in April of 2017.

+ We own a fixer upper! It's a ton of fun and a TON of work. 

+ I was a videography major at UGA, but accidentally fell in love with photography instead.

+ We have an Olde English Bulldogge (bulldog mix!) named Bear.

+ Our love languages are coffee, hot tubs & binge watching British crime shows.
+ Joyful/Fun photos > Serious/Mushy photos

+ I also love creating & selling How To Guides and Mobile Presets (found in my Online Shop!)

quick facts about me

I specialize in weddings & engagements because I LOVE marriage. We often hear marriage described as "hard", but marriage is meant to be fun!

My clients are all different, but have one thing in common: they are marrying their best friend! What's more fun than that?!

for weddings


In 20 years, many of your wedding day choices will be out of style. My goal is to give you the most timeless images that show who you truly are! The one thing that won't go out of style is your genuine emotions & excitement on your wedding day.

I love showcasing your true selves in the most flattering ways!

joyful and timeless


Starbucks got me hooked with the gold member status. When the weather gets warm (honestly, even when it's not), I have to have a Vanilla Iced Coffee with cream!

What's your go to?!

Starbucks order

my go to

During the winter, we hibernate and usually stay in with coffee and a British crime show! (Love the BBC).

During pretty much all other months, we love taking a motorcycle drive to Walkers in downtown Athens or grabbing some dinner at Trapezze.

date night


Call me crazy, but I'm totally okay with the Georgia heat. When it gets warm outside, you can always find me sitting by the pool or walking my dog, Bear at the park!

I grew up on a lake, so a bathing suit & flip flops feels like normal daily attire.

is summer

my favorite season

I. love. Charleston! I have visited Charleston many times and it never gets old. It feels like any entirely different trip each time I visit!

As a photographer, it's an overwhelmingly beautiful place with amazing local culture and history!

If you're up for a Charleston wedding, definitely hit me up! I'm in!

place to visit

my favorite

I adore weddings, but they are just one day of your life together. My hope is to hear more about your relationship & help your first day of marriage start off smoothly!

I believe your wedding photography experience is an investment into your MARRIAGE, not just your wedding!

Your wedding is your FIRST day of marriage, not your best. The best is yet to come!



thank you!