BEHIND THE SCENES: What It Looks Like When You Book Experienced Vendors

Behind the Scenes

March 17, 2021


This past weekend, I had the privilege of working with an INCREDIBLE vendor team! If you haven’t seen the wedding day blog yet, click here to view it. One of the best things you can do as a bride is choose a GREAT venue whose owner is picky about who they work with for YOUR sake. At some point as wedding professionals, we have all gone through the season of paying our dues, so I don’t want to talk negatively about that very important season..

But if you are a bride who is having a large wedding that you’re spending a decent sized chunk of money on, you want to be sure it’s executed well. You also want to be sure you’re treated like a King and Queen on your wedding day by your vendors. (No matter what season of growth a vendor is in, they can do this part!)

With that said, I wanted to share some fun behind the scenes of this vendor team that worked like a well oiled machine! Most of us have worked together before which means we trust each other and we stick to doing our jobs with excellence. This also means we get to have A LOT of fun on your wedding day – together and with you – which creates an overall relaxed and peaceful environment for everyone involved!

Hannah, Your Best Guest planner, created a GORGEOUS detail flat lay for me to photograph with the Bride’s details! This helped get the day going quickly as I photographed other elements that weren’t included in this particular shot.

Also – shhh don’t tell, but I oftentimes am the one who puts the veil in and then we let mom pretend!

For every wedding day, I arrive early to check lighting, say hey to the bride and meet the vendors. When it’s 255 Milledge, I love getting to take a second to talk to the owner, Kim who is the REASON this venue is so incredible! She’s built a team that gives you a pampered experience throughout the entire process.

This is my first time meeting any of the groomsmen, particularly the best man. We always stage a few getting ready shots so the guys can keep having fun together! It’s superrrr important to me that I show them “I’m not a regular photographer, I’m a cool photographer” and I don’t try to force them into a rigid timeline for photos. Protecting the guys fun time is a high priority for me!

Haha – this is Jesse with Judah Press Entertainment! These photos are a big deal to me because it shows how well he got to know the Bride and Groom before – he knew Erin would think this is hilarious! It may seem like your DJ doesn’t really need to know you to do his job well, but in getting to know his clients, Jesse is able to read what the room needs to get the party fun for YOU! He genuinely likes his people and wants to serve them well.

Getting ready for the first look!! I always take the groom to the first look location first to position him in the right light. Typically, this is when the nerves are highest, so I explain what’s about to happen: I’m going to bring your bride to you, she’s going to tap you on the shoulder to turn around, you can take 5 seconds to 5 minutes, however long you want!

My professional dress fluffer!! (And so much more!) You may have seen on Instagram lately that my best friend from childhood is a photographer, too! She’s recently started second shooting weddings with me and it’s been so much fun. We’ve known each other since we were 4 years old, so working together feels like second nature. (Also SHE is the reason this behind the scenes blog post is even possible!!)

Hannah Guest with Your Best Guest did an incredible job planning and coordinating this wedding day! Every time I turned around and needed an extra hand, there she was to help! Erin, the bride, actually REQUESTED this picture with her because they bonded through the planning process.

Believe it or not, you probably won’t know how to cut your wedding cake without some help! A great planner helps walk you through the process and then simply allows you to do it for the photos.

I loved this team! If you’re planning your wedding, remember to ask any trusted vendors you’ve already booked who their preferred vendors are and why.









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