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January 24, 2019

What Makes a Great Bridesmaid | Wedding Planning


It’s true, not all bridesmaids are created equal. If you’re a bride, this post will help you make great choices that will enhance your wedding day. If you’re an upcoming bridesmaid, this post will help you to be Bridesmaid of the Year and know how to love that bride the best you can!

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Quality #1: A Desire to Help

It’s not about being type A or organizational, it’s about being helpful. Having a heart that genuinely cares about the bride & what could make her day better is the foundation of what makes a great bridesmaid!

On a wedding day, being organized only goes so far if you don’t have the bride’s best interest in mind.


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Quality #2: Willingness to Go Unrecognized

This one is tough. Ladies, we tend to be guilty of this. We want to be noticed for our hard work!


I’m not saying we’re bad people if this is tough for us, but I am saying, the more a bridesmaid can fight off her need to be noticed, the quicker she can get back to serving the bride!

The irony is the bride will notice your love MORE when you aren’t insisting on it.



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Quality #3: Values Fun > Fear

If you’ve ever been apart of a wedding day, you know this to be true: not everything is going to go as planned.


The best thing a bridesmaid can do is be mentally prepared to help when needed if something is wrong, or distract the bride by having fun so that others can fix it without her worrying.

Being able to have fun & be in the moment is something the bride will remember FAR beyond what “details went right or wrong”.


Example: At a recent wedding, no one had heard from the caterers up to 10 minutes before they were supposed to arrive. A bridesmaid told me so that we could extend bridal party photos to distract the bride & she never knew. The caterers showed up and all was well! (There was no cell service, not their fault)


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Bonus Quality: Bride-Specific Surprises

This isn’t a necessary quality to be a great bridesmaid, but it does take you to the next level.

Whether it’s a surprise gift the bride will love, written letters from her closest people, or some other surprise she’ll love, these things make the bride feel truly known & cared for.


It has to be specific to the bride & her personality and love language.

Think of the bride now: when are moments you’ve seen her be most excited? What is something that truly touches her heart or makes her feel loved?

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