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October 23, 2018

Brooke & Makale | Wedding Day | Yarborough Mills | Fairmount, GA


As I look back through these wedding photos, I find myself smiling, laughing and tearing up as I remember all the emotions of this weekend. This particular wedding day is one that’s dear to my heart as one of my best friends and previous roommates got to marry the man she (and many of us) have been praying for for her!


Brooke & Makale dated a short period of time before getting engaged, but no one would know that by watching their families interact. Their families treated each other as though they always knew they’d be family one day; as though they were meant to be family all along.


Not only was this weekend filled with emotions, promises being fulfilled & God’s presence, but it was filled with visible beauty as well. This venue and vendor team did an AMAZING job to pull off this gorgeous day. Yarborough Mills is the perfect secluded location that makes you feel like you just left the world & your cares behind and stepped into a magical land where you can clear your mind and settle your soul. As we arrived at the venue, we tucked our items away at the guest cottage and I began to photograph the little details that truly make this venue come to life!



Rehearsal Dinner

The rehearsal dinner is where it all starts. Finally, the couple is done planning and their closest people are starting to arrive for the big weekend! Brooke & Makale are two people who have poured their hearts and souls into their people and this dinner involved their people pouring it back out to them.



Wedding Morning!

As the morning began, the ladies started on hair and make-up while the guys headed out to Cracker Barrel (where else, right?). I LOVE photographing details, but these were extra special because one of the bridesmaids, Cait Burk, made the hair pins, veil and garter! Also, Brooke was bold and asked her ladies to wear green jumpsuits – who knew there are so many options of cute green jumpsuits?! They totally rocked them.


As the ladies helped Brooke put on her veil, the reality of the day started to set in and the emotions took off from there!



First Look

During their first look, Brooke & Makale chose to wash each other’s feet. I loved that they chose quiet, intimate moments to have between the two of them throughout the day so that they could refocus on what this whole thing is about – God bringing two people together on their first day of marriage!



Their People

There is no doubt, their people love love love them! During this time, there was a lot of laughing, hugging and of course, singing. (I promise, we actually took real portraits, too, but we’ll save those for another time).




Brooke & Makale’s ceremony was one of pure joy and celebration! I loved watching the reality set in on Makale’s face that his bride was walking down the aisle to him! Many couples are nervous a first look will desensitize this moment, but it almost always enhances it.


Bride & Groom Portraits

These two made it so easy to photograph. We had a little bit of a time crunch, but they were such naturals with each other and so happy to be married!



The Partayyy

Maybe I’m biased, but this was one of the most fun receptions I’ve witnessed! Starting with a choregraphed bridesmaids dance to Level Up, to the mother/son dance to You’ll Be in My Heart from Tarzan, to sweet speeches that would make anyone cry to lots and lots of dancing!



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