Choosing a wedding photographer: what to look for when searching through websites online

Choosing a Wedding Photographer: What to Look For

Choosing Your Photographer Series

Today’s blog post is about what features to look for when choosing your wedding photographer. In the first post of the series, I talked all about pricing: read it here.

When searching for a wedding photographer, many people start in one of two places: (1) a friend or vendor referral or (2) somewhere online. Whether you’re looking through Instagram or Google or Facebook, there are a few things you need to know when researching.

Note: choosing a photographer based on a venue recommendation or a friend recommendation is a great place to start! Be sure to follow these steps even if you have already heard great things about a particular photographer.

01. Deep Dive into the Images

Obviously, you should like the photographer’s work at first glance. If you do not like what you see on Instagram or their website, you should move on. These are the two main locations in which photographers share their best work. If you don’t like their best, you two may not be the best fit.

Once you know you like their easily accessible images, it’s a great next step to ask for a couple full galleries to view. Note: it’s important that your photographer know how to handle lighting scenarios throughout the ENTIRE day, not just during great lighting situations.

02. Read their About Me!

Many brides make the mistake of skipping this step. Sometimes the about me seems irrelevant when you’re just trying to gather information, but it’s the first place I recommend starting when viewing a photographer’s website. Do they sound like someone you would get along with? Do they seem like a person you might feel comfortable around?

If their About Me page seems to click with you, I would also schedule a phone call or meeting to be sure your personalities fit well together.

Why does this matter so much? You are trusting this person with a very intimate role on your wedding day. Not only are you trusting them to guide you through a posing process to become comfortable on camera, but you’re also trusting them to know how to handle every delicate moment that may arise on the wedding day. They will be with you more than your groom!!

03. You Should Be Impressed With Their Presentation

From website to investment guide, you should think their design and style look great, not just good enough. It’s true that prices are the same whether they are in a pretty PDF or whether they are simply typed in an email, but this is a person you are trusting with capturing the entire aesthetic of your day. They should be going above and beyond to show potential clients the best work they can do!

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