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April 26, 2020

There is No Normal Anymore

If you’ve been planning your wedding for any amount of time, you’ve gone through Pinterest, planners and blogs to make decisions based off of what others have done before you.

But the others before you didn’t plan (& replan) their weddings during a pandemic?! The wedding “standards” and expectations that once existed are a thing of the past.

Now You Get Your REAL Dream Wedding

A decade from now, brides will be planning their wedding using the trends that are created this very year. This year is the reset button of wedding trends that we desperately needed which means the slate is clean.

No more guilt over wanting a “small wedding”. No more settling for things you didn’t really want because planning a wedding for 200+ people is just too expensive.

You get to have the dream you really wanted with the exact people you want there. This is a good thing!

New Ideas!!

First things first: stop planning a 250+ person wedding for only 50 people.

If your plans have changed and you’re adjusting your guest list, it may be smart to adjust some things about your wedding to better serve a small group.

There’s a few wedding trends that have becoming outdated, but have stuck around because brides felt like they “have” to have them.. these are: a dance party (especially long ones), huge wedding parties and late night wedding exits. While it’s been viewed as the “norm” in the past, now is the time to let them go if that’s what’s best for you!

So here’s some fresh new ideas for weddings of 25-100 guests…

01. Have the Fancy Dinner Party of Your Dreams!

Now that you aren’t paying for a large amount of guests, you can have the food of your dreams. Turn your reception into a fancy dinner party with upscale dining and service instead of quickly moving past it.

02. Have a Sweet Heart Table for Grandma & Grandpa

If your grandparents are attending, consider giving them a sweetheart table to themselves! You can honor their long marriage by giving them a little “date night” of their own and also keeping them distant from other guests. You could also have a specific server for their table with special instructions for heightened safety.

03. Open Mic Speeches

Another great reception idea is to offer open mic for speeches! You can set a limited number if you’re nervous it’ll last too long. You can also use the wording “whoever wants to say a few words” to suggest a time limit. Since your guest count is smaller, this will feel intimate and personal much like a rehearsal dinner!

04. Have the Table Settings of Your Dreams!

Again, since you have less people, you can enhance each table setting style and increase your florals and decorations!

05. Slowww Down (this one is good for SO many reasons!)

Even the most calm wedding timelines in the past have felt fast-paced. With less guests, less pressure, smaller wedding party you now have the opportunity to slow down and breathe on your wedding day.

This means you get to soak in the day more. You get to hang out with your friends and your new spouse more. You get more time for photos and more space for those special moments to unfold in front of the camera.

06. Rent Smaller Venues

While there are several large venues I absolutely LOVE, I have found that smaller venues tend to have amazing staff that accompany them. Many smaller venues know they can’t compete with the available space others can offer, so their selling point is their customer service.

When guest count is limited, your options open up to smaller venues with well kept grounds and spaces and incredibly attentive staff!

255 Milledge is a great example of this (although they can fit lots of guests, a smaller guest count gives you more options on how to use their space!)

07. End Your Wedding Earlier & Have a Casual After Party

After spending hours in a wedding dress, many brides would prefer having a smaller, more casual after party with their guests. Consider having a ceremony and dinner and then ending your official wedding with an optional after party at a more casual location.

08. Personalized Gifts for Every Guest

If you’re having between 25-50 guests, you could add a personal touch with a note or gift for each individual instead of general favors. Show each guest how special it was for them to be there for you!

Do you have another idea?! Comment below!

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