How to Know Who Should Be Your Wedding Photographer

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January 30, 2020

As a photographer, I’ve helped many of my friends make choices for their own weddings and I always have a few pieces of advice when choosing the right photographer for you! Wedding photographers have a limited amount of clients they can take every year, so while we love adding new clients, we also understand that not every couple will be the right fit..

To be sure you get the best experience possible, follow these few steps!

01. Stating the obvious.. you should LOVE their photos!

This one is a no brainer, but it’s a must! I recommend starting with their Instagram (the best of the best!!).. if you like those, move on to their website, specifically their blog!

Here’s a few particular things to focus on: (1) is their style something you like? aka, the coloring, brightness/darkness, etc. (2) are their couples showing the emotions you hope to show? example: happy/laughing, romantic/serious, crying/intimate, etc. (3) do their FULL WEDDING DAY BLOGS look good to you? from details all the way to reception!

02. Read their about me! Do they sound like someone you could be friends with?

Remember, your photographer isn’t just another vendor to check off the list. You will be meeting them for your engagement session, trusting them to make you look good and feel comfortable, KISSING in front of them and sharing every major part of your wedding day alongside them! At the very least their about me should sound like someone you’d like to get to know!

03. Do they talk about a photography experience on their website or in their pricing guide?

While they may not use the word “experience”, they should mention their posing style, what it’s like to be their client and what the process will look like. If you simply receive a list of prices without any background information on the business or person, you’re probably not going to be getting a great experience!

Here’s the difference in purchasing photos versus an experience that many brides don’t realize..

Simply hiring a photographer to “do their job” means every single photo you see is tied to that person. You can’t help it, but they’ll be in the back of your mind when you look through them because THEY took them. If you never got to know them or felt comfortable around them, you won’t enjoy your photos as much.

If you hire someone who talks about the EXPERIENCE or PROCESS, this means they’re prepared to get to know you, be invested in your story and provide images that only a FRIEND would know how to capture!

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