My New Love: Dubsado


February 25, 2019

My New Love: Dubsado



Throwback to just a year ago when I was trying to stay organized by creating to-do lists for each other my photography clients in EverNote.



I was in that awkward phase of needing some extra help, but not really being able to put the money towards hiring someone.Truthfully, my biggest fear was that I would forget something really important and my clients would suffer because of it.



After stumbling upon the idea of Client Management software to help me stay organized,  I started comparing programs and found my new love, Dubsado.



When I dreamed of being a full time photographer, I imagined myself sitting in front of my computer, crafting email after email to stay on track… but I’m currently sitting on my porch with my coffee because Dubsado is working for me.



After having the program for almost a year, I have fallen more and more in love with it. The moment I notice something that would be better about the program, they’re releasing it in a new update.



My days have gone from frantically keeping up with multiple to-do lists for each client to simply checking my Dubsado to-do list (which includes to-dos for all my clients) and just taking care of those.



Okay, here’s the good stuff:


  • If you need help, but aren’t sure you can afford software, you can try Dubsado for free until you start actually plugging in clients information. I completely built all my workflow systems before ever paying for anything – once I realized how much time it would save me, I knew it was worth it.
  • If you are an online business, side hustle business, small business, client-based, etc., it would be great for you.
  • You can use my discount code to save money!!


CODE: michelehoustondubsado



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