Sunset Portraits: Everything you need to know

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January 15, 2020

When you’re dreaming about your wedding day images, you probably are thinking of gorgeous images you’ve seen on the internet of couples who have gone before you.

The images that catch most bride’s eye are sunset portraits of the bride and groom! These are the photos that make me SO EXCITED TO BE A PHOTOGRAPHER!!

While these images may look effortlessly gorgeous, there are a huge things that MUST BE IN PLACE for them to happen. Follow these tips & you’ll have your gorgeous sunset portraits, too!

01. Do a First Look!

I’ll say it forever.. there are so many benefits to first looks! (If you’re on the fence, read this blog to find out why I love them)

Your first look typically happens right after you get into your dress near the front end of the day. For me, I like to follow that time immediately with Bride and Groom portraits. During that portrait time, we capture all the “must haves” for your wedding day which means that later, we can play!

If you don’t do a first look, your portrait time is CRUNCH TIME! When you’ve said I do and we’re about to cram photos in and there isn’t a single photo of you and your groom yet.. sunset is less likely to happen.

02. Plan for it ahead of time.

This seems obvious, but ask your photographer about setting aside time for sunset portraits! This will depend on the time of year for your wedding day, but most often, this time will fall after your reception entrances and special dances. Your guests will begin getting their food and I steal my couples out for about 10 minutes of sunset photos while no guests even notice!

03. Don’t settle for bad weather for your engagement session

Since we can’t GUARANTEE there will be a gorgeous sunset on your wedding day, don’t settle for foggy/overcast weather on your engagement session! I know scheduling can be tough, but it’s WORTH IT to know you got sunset photos at some point even if it can’t be on your wedding day!

Tell me what you think?! Are sunset portraits your favorite, too?

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