Hannah & Nick


January 4, 2021

If I had to sum up this wedding day in 3 words: (1) Trolly (2) FUN (3) Veil!!

I love getting to return to my hometown of Americus to shoot weddings! Last year, I photographed two weddings where Hannah caught the bouquet at BOTH! I was so pumped to see her name come in as an inquiry when she got engaged at the end of the year!

These pocket squares and pillow are made in memory of two of their best friends who passed away in the line of duty. Nick & Hannah wanted to have their wedding around the anniversary of their friends’ passing to add some good memories mixed in with the hard ones.

Hannah’s bridesmaids had not seen her dress yet, so this was a fun moment!

I’m obsessed with this spot for their first look!! Hannah wanted to be near the water for their first look and this tree was perfectly placed in a secluded area for us!

I can still hear Hannah’s laugh during this moment – they’re so cute!

I love this group of people!! It’s not common to have such a close-knit wedding party, but it made the day entertaining!

This trolly was a huge win for the day!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these! This is the spot Hannah & Nick got engaged 🙂

Downtown Americus is GORGEOUS this time of year!!

This church is where all the women in Hannah’s family got married, so there were definitely some tears once Hannah arrived.

I was SO impressed with their first dance!!

Hannah & her dad danced to Sweet Home Alabama and Nick & his mom danced to Desperado 🙂

Their reception was a BLAST!

This is one of my favorite night time Americus spots! I love that they chose to have their signature portrait taken here! Click here to read more about my new favorite wedding trend: signature portraits. Not pictured: Christmas music playing throughout all of downtown.


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