Wedding Venue Highlight: 255 Milledge Hardeman-Sams House

Vendor Highlight

January 15, 2021


Every photographer has a place that makes their creativity light up and 255 Milledge is mine! One of my favorite things is seeing a business owner that CAN do the bare minimum & “make it”, but CHOOSES to go above and beyond instead.

When I first got to shoot at 255 Milledge Hardeman-Sams House, it had recently been renovated by Kim Moss and back on the wedding market with a whole new design. Over the past few years, I’ve gotten to watch this venue slowly take a whole new feel with something new every time I visit!

255 Milledge brings the Charleston classic chic vibe to Athens! (If you know me, you know Charleston is one of my FAVORITE places to visit, so it feels like a destination wedding right on Milledge Avenue!)

I’m excited to share these top FIVE reasons why 255 Milledge is one of my favorite venues!

01. The Guarantee of Gorgeous Photos

In a previous blog post, I shared tips on how to guarantee gorgeous wedding photos. (You can read it here) Every tip has to do with your choice of VENUE and 255 Milledge checks every single box. The white walls and numerous windows provide excellent light and clean backgrounds that can be used regardless of the weather.

02. A Classic City Favorite

Not only is 255 Milledge a wedding venue, but they provide space for other Athens events, making their location a hub of entertainment in the Classic City! This venue isn’t just a “pretty building”, it’s piece of history in Athens and an iconic location to anyone who has ever called Athens home.

03. Blank Slate for Customization

Although I have photographed several weddings at 255 Milledge, each one has looked entirely different. They offer multiple options for reception and cocktail hour locations and design! One of my favorite reception styles includes a tent covering their spacious reception area behind the house. (Note: white tents take the BEST reception photos because the light can bounce!)

04. Unique Venue Details

There are trends within the wedding industry that will often be repeated from location to location. One of my favorite things about 255 Milledge is that their style is their own. It’s classic, chic and welcoming with unique details you won’t find anywhere else!

05. Kim Moss – the owner and operator

Lastly (but most importantly), Kim Moss and her team are unbeatable in client care. Every wedding I’ve photographed at her venue, I’ve watched Kim go above and beyond what is “expected” of a venue owner. She cares for her clients like she would a dear friend and her team shares her attitude.

More about 255 Milledge:

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