Wow.. this year has been such an exciting year! I have loved every single 2019 wedding and couple that I’ve gotten to photograph. Every single one has unique details, moments and ideas that deserve showcasing. 2019 also happened to be a year FULL OF first looks! While not every single couple chose to do a […]

Best of 2019: First Looks

Best of 2019

Wow.. this year has been such an exciting year! I have loved every single 2019 wedding and couple that I’ve gotten to photograph. Every single one has unique details, moments and ideas that deserve showcasing.

2019 also happened to be a year FULL OF first looks! While not every single couple chose to do a first look, every single moment when groom saw bride for the first time was incredibly sweet!

For those of you looking forward to your future wedding, this is THE MOMENT you’ve been waiting for.. here are my people sharing this intimate moment.

Christine & Ridge | Their first look was sooo sweet! It was January, so we searched for an indoor location at 255 Milledge that was also secluded. Ridge and Christine are the kind of couple who are best friends, but also super sweet with each other!

Ashley & Steven | After waiting through the rainy January morning, these two got to see each other for the first time at the altar!

Courtney & Ritchie | This groom was tearing up the moment we took him for his first look! He absolutely adores Courtney and had such a sweet reaction to seeing her for the first time on their wedding day.

Shelby & Will | I loved this first look because these two requested to see each other at the altar of the church! It was short & sweet and on to the portrait time! (The photographer’s dream!)

Anna & David | While most of the day David was cracking jokes to keep Anna laughing, this moment was very real for both of them. I love when groom’s trust the photographer (& bride’s) recommendation of doing a first look. Just like David, their response is almost always.. “I’m so glad we did that!!”

Brittany & Matt | I wish I could repeat their wedding day over and over! My husband, Levi, and I got to shoot this day together and of course, came to love this couple! Levi prepped Matt on what was coming when he turned around while I gave Brittany the go ahead. Matt couldn’t stop talking about how GOOD his girl looked!!

Ali & Aaron | My people!!! Ali is one of my very best friends and previous roommate in college. We’ve gotten to know and love Aaron over the years of them dating and THIS MOMENT was such a victory for all of us to see!! We were SO excited to see how giddy they both were to say “I do!”

Hannah & Donald | Like a few of the others, these two waited to see each other at the altar which kept the nerves and excitement high throughout the morning! This was THE MOMENT they had been eagerly waiting for!! (Also, I just love them)

Aubrey & Wake | Aubrey’s DREAM of getting to have THIS specific moment almost didn’t happen & you’d never know by the photos. The forecast predicted rain during the ceremony alllll the way up until the HOUR before the ceremony! The call was made & the chairs got set out for her dream outdoor wedding! It was so sweet!

Brittany & David | The cutesttttt!! Y’all know I love first looks, so I was excited when Brittany asked to do this! We cleared out a private location at the Piedmont Room in Atlanta, Georgia for this moment and it was perfect. Every time, I tell my couples to take as much time as they want to really see each other during their first look.. Brittany and David kept switching between tears and giddy laughter!!

Haley & Jake | This two are the perfect example of a romantic couple who are also best friends! (My favorite) It was very (very) warm for an early Summer/late Spring day, but Jake was a great sport throughout the entire portrait time because he wanted the day to be everything Haley dreamed of.

Lindsey & Josh | Quite possibly the sweetest couple I’ve ever met. These two were so thoughtful for every single person who was a part of their wedding day! I loved this moment because it was JUST about them and their new marriage!

Maddy & Clint | I distinctly remember having a huge grin on my face from behind the camera during their entire first look! They were SO excited to see each other and start hanging out on their first day of marriage!!

Courtney & John | You probably can’t tell from the photos, but this was a LONGGGG aisle which made the anticipation even stronger! John absolutely adores everything about his girl and couldn’t hold back his excitement that he was about to marry her!!

Theresa & Chris | So many emotions during this first look! I love that Theresa can go from tears and the best laugh you’ve ever heard in a matter of minutes!

Chelsea & Thomas | This first look was such a unique one! In the middle of summer in Athens, the The Graduate Hotel lobby was EMPTY (normally you’d catch a lot of college students studying at their lobby coffee shop). These two were able to have a private moments while still capturing the edgy design of the hotel.

Kara & Aaron | Their first look was so sweet! Aaron is probably one of the most joyful grooms I’ve ever photographed and it showed even more when he first saw Kara in this moment!

Emily & Nicolas | Man.. I love these two!! I kept telling my assistant all day that I loved how considerate and thought each of them were to every single person involved in their day. I know this moment is one they’ll always cherish (& I’m grateful when I get to capture a groom’s emotions!)

Caroline & Austin | These two are what I think of when I say I LOVE photographing couples that are best friends. I could tell they both enjoyed their wedding, but they lit up the most when they were around each other!

Ashley & Chris | I love when Brides will kindly request that this moment be totally private! While that’s not what everyone chooses, it’s always such an intimate moment when everything is completely silent other than their words to each other and the click of my camera!

Lindsay & Bob | My giddy bride!! These two were SO excited to get married! That seems like a given, but sometimes all the planning can take over the day, but NOT for them. We snuck off to a spot by the vineyard that was hidden and let them have their moment!

Shannon & Scott | Ok I keep saying this but… I love these two!!! Scott absolutely adores this girl and she brought joy and laughter into every room she walked into on their wedding day. This moment was particularly sweet.. she looked AMAZING but honestly I think Scott might have cried even if she were still in her PJs!

Kim & Marcus | These two had a HUGE wedding party and lots of guests! Their wedding was TRULY a party!! This moment was one of my favorites of the day because it was JUST them. They got to soak in what was about to take place shortly after during their ceremony!

Ava & Brent | The way these two treated each other throughout the day tells such a strong testimony of the love of Jesus. They were kind, considerate and HAD FUN with each other in every single moment. They included others in with ease and remained present. I loved their first look because it was just the BEGINNING of many moments ahead.

Emily & Tony | One of my favorite first looks!! It’s not often that grooms are actually able to verbalize what they’re thinking during this moment, but Tony immediately said, “Oh my gosh! You’re so beautiful!!”

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