Y’all know I love my #MHbrides.. they are MY GIRLS! I may be biased, but I really think I have the MOST GORGEOUS group of girls!! Every year I’m blown away by the uniquely stunning ladies I get to work with (both inside and out!) My #MHbrides in 2019 learned to TRUST ME during photo […]

Best of 2019: Bridal

Best Of

Y’all know I love my #MHbrides.. they are MY GIRLS! I may be biased, but I really think I have the MOST GORGEOUS group of girls!! Every year I’m blown away by the uniquely stunning ladies I get to work with (both inside and out!)

My #MHbrides in 2019 learned to TRUST ME during photo time and allow me to SHOW OFF how gorgeous they are! They also are some of the most stylish girls I’ve ever met.

So this post is alllll about the girls and their details!

My girl, Ali!! Somehow her late April wedding was 40 degrees & rainy, but you couldn’t tell one bit by the photos! Ali planned her wedding in a matter of a couple months and honestly, I wish I could pull off this kind of style SO FAST!!

Sweet Anna! I knew this pageant girl would have all the pretty, shiny & ruffled items for me to photography!! She did NOT disappoint! I loved these colors for her spring wedding day!

My girl, Ashley is a MODEL!! I loved how simple AND elegant everything about her style was. Greenery and whites are my favorites! I was so impressed with how well her curls stayed in all day long on a hot day!!

It’s Ashley!! (yes, Ashley again!) Winter weddings are always fun because you can BET the color palettes will be different from the rest of the year. These colors POPPED perfectly for her rainy January wedding day. I wish you could witness her laugh because it kept her entire group of girls upbeat all day long.

Aubrey girl! When you choose an early May wedding date, you get to have the PERFECT weather for a wedding day! All the white in her details were my dream come true!!

Ava, your style is so effortlessly beautiful! I’ve never met such a “chill” bride that also had amazing attention to detail. That’s hard to come by! And you totally blessed this photographer with that VEIL!!

Brittany!! There’s no question.. you had the MOST uniquely cool bouquets I’ve ever seen! Not to mention your blush pink wedding dress!! You were one of the kindest humans I’ve photographed & I’ll forever love these portraits of you laughing off at your groom!

Brittany!! (yes, it’s Brittany again!) I instantly felt like we could be friends and hang out. I loved getting to be behind the scenes on all the important moments of your wedding day! (I also love that you fed us Waffle House!!)

My girl, Caroline, had one of the most beautiful bridal looks! Everything about her dress, veil, shoes & hair made her wedding day look like a fairytale. I love when I find brides who know how to care A LOT about their details, but also choose to TRUST their vendors once it’s go time!

Chelsea!!!! I’m so grateful we’ve continued our friendship past your wedding day. It was one of the most laid back, thoughtful and FUN weddings I’ve ever been a part of. Your style and confidence made these portraits so EASY!!

Christine! My first 2019 bride of the year!! Her style was classy and elegant and THANK GOD we had gorgeous weather in January so we could get the full effect of her gown for these portraits!

Sweet Courtney! Your details were BY FAR some of my favorites to photograph. I remember when you handed me your perfectly organized box of bridal details, I felt like a little kid overwhelmed with all her new toys to play with! You looked stunning and we ALL KNOW, everybody was obsessed with that bouquet!

Courtney!! I miss getting to see you during my Starbucks runs these days! I’m so grateful we got to know each other well before your wedding day.. it made your day feel like catching up with an old friend! You looked GORGEOUS and I still can’t believe your sister made these bouquets?!

“Emily makes me want to be cooler.” – Me to my assistant alllll day on your wedding day! Every little detail you chose was incredibly unique, specific and stylish. Your entire wedding theme was SO cohesive which makes us wedding photographers nerd out! One of my favorite moments was watching you do your preview of your reception space. You were so genuinely impressed and grateful for those who set everything up, which is hard for brides to do in the midst of the chaos!

Emily!! You’ve got BOTH the laughing pictures AND model pictures DOWN!! I loved getting to be behind the scenes on your wedding day! Your JOY on your wedding day made everyone around you light up as well. (Also your MAKEUP was incredible!!)

Haley!! I was in heaven when you handed me a FULL styling kit of details on your wedding day! Everything you chose was gorgeously vintage, classic and PERFECT for your (basically summer) wedding!

My fake laugh QUEEN!! Hannah, your day was a special one for me because it felt like a big reunion with all my people!! I’m grateful that we didn’t remain only Yahoo Messenger/Football game friends, but got to hang out during a much better phase of life! (Can we pretend middle school didn’t happen??) You looked absolutely gorgeous on your wedding day and you made every single photo shine with your laugh!!

Kara! This girl is such a TROOPER!! She was actually in a walking boot because she hurt her foot before her wedding day.. BUT, she loved these boots and insisted on wearing them for the special moments of the day!! She was the true Southern belle princess!

My girl, Kim!! I’m pretty sure you could have worn a paper bag and still have looked stunning! After you got in your dress, I remember telling my second shooter that I was SO PUMPED to photograph you because I hadn’t seen a wedding dress FIT a bride so perfectly! Every little detail you planned flowed so well throughout your entire wedding day!!

Lindsay!! Your laugh is one of my favorite things about your entire wedding day!! You were so genuinely excited and happy to be getting married alllll day long!! Your colors and designs were PERFECT for your fall wedding.. and your dress was SO dang cool!

Lindsey! You are one of the kindest and most calming souls I’ve ever been around! It was YOUR wedding day, but you brought peace into every room you walked in. You looked SO BEAUTIFUL and your colors looked even richer with the cloudy, rainy skies!

Maddy girl!! Your upbeat energy was so fun to be around all day long! I loved that you could remain both type A and laid back at the same time. Your details were so elegant and you looked like a model!!

It’s joy bomb Shannon!!! You can’t be in the same room with Shannon without having a smile on your face. She’s funny, happy and high energy a.l.w.a.y.s! Shannon, I truly feel like you and Scott are my people now! I’m so grateful you chose me and gave me the opportunity to photograph this day for you. Also, I will forever have the PERFECT example for how to plan a fall, secret garden wedding!

My girl, Shelby, you are stunning! Everything about your personality and style is classy and timeless. I know you were focused on getting married over planning a wedding, but you also planned an INCREDIBLE wedding day!! I can’t stop using your bridal photos in all my advertising photos because you are such a model bride!!

Teresa!! You looked so dang beautiful on your wedding day!! I wish I could teach everyone how to full on FAKE LAUGH on cue like you do. You made every moment and photo so joyful!

I LOVE all you ladies!! Thank you so much for choosing me as your photographer on such important days!! I will forever be grateful and remember the moments we got to spend together <3


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