Ceremony Exit = The New Sparkler Exit

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January 15, 2019


Sparkler exits have been all the rage & for good reason – they add beautiful light to your photos!


But, there’s a new trend in town that I think is an upgrade from Sparkler Exits!!


The PROBLEM with Sparkler Exits


There are a lot of good reasons to do sparkler exits, but there are also some issues that come up that should be addressed.


01. Not all venues allow them. Because alcohol + fire doesn’t mix well, a lot of venues have banned sparklers and the like from your wedding exit options. This means you’re usually left with an idea that doesn’t involve a lot of light.


02. Guests are gonna leave. No matter how quickly you move through your reception, there will be some guests who dip out right after the ceremony or after the meal. This means less people are involved in the celebration & the photo.


03. What if it rains? If it rains, your sparkler exit is a no-go! There are alternative options in these cases, but the photos are typically a lot darker even when photographers use additional flashes.


My NEW favorite SOLUTION!


I have seen couples look for sparkler alternatives and feel frustrated trying to find a good solution. If you can’t do sparklers, you’re forfeiting good light which means your photos suffer slightly.


However, my FAVORITE solution I’ve seen is planning for a ceremony exit instead of an end of the night exit.


This means ALL you guests will be present. You will have that just married glow in your photos. The light is much better since it’s day time. AND you can choose whatever you want your guests to throw: petals, lavender, bubbles, etc.


Another perk: This means you can allow your photography coverage time to start earlier & end earlier since your end of night exit won’t be as important. Who doesn’t want more natural photos while getting ready with their people?! This also means your schedule will be more flexible and less rushed at the beginning of the day.


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