3 Secrets to Guarantee Gorgeous Photos

Wedding Planning

January 15, 2019

Wedding Planning

Every bride dreams of her wedding day to go perfectly planned. By the time your wedding arrives, you will have put your heart & soul into planning this day – which means your photos should reflect how special this day is!

While I recommend EVERY bride book a professional photographer for their wedding day, there are also a few things that YOU can do to guarantee you have great photos!

What Could Go Wrong?

Even if you plan perfectly, there are some things that are still out of your control to consider. What if it rains? This is the biggest fear in a lot of brides minds, but it could happen.

What if something slows down the timeline? Whether it’s finishing your make-up, waiting on a bridesmaid or forgetting something at the hotel, there are a number of things that could affect your schedule. I don’t say this to scare you – typically, something will be off but that’s why these three secrets are super important!

Secret #1: Windows!

When looking for your venue or location to get ready, windows are a must! With natural light, this guarantees the ability for bright, well-lit photos even if it’s raining. If you’re running behind, this means your prep and bridal shots can be taken quickly without having to travel outside to another location.

Great windows are a timeline saver!!

Here are a few of my favorite shots that were possible only because of WINDOWS!

Secret #2: White Walls

This one may seem random, but white walls mean the color on your face is clean and natural. It means that even if you don’t have lots of windows in your venue, your photographer can use flash easily to create bright, pretty photos! (Pro tip: When flash hits white walls, it’s much brighter than if it hit a dark colored wall)

Again, if it’s raining or if you get off schedule, white walls mean you can take more photos by moving less. 

Here are a few of my favorites that lacked windows, but had white walls & ceilings.

Secret #3: Porches!

This one is specifically important if it’s raining (or if it’s super bright with no shady trees). Porches mean staying covered while still getting that pretty, clean natural light for your portraits.

Note: this is advanced! This is why a professional photographer is a must. Pros know how to take ONE porch and turn it into gorgeous portraits with variety.

Here’s an example of how porches save the day!

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