Comparison vs. Thankfulness


November 20, 2018

I remember before I started dating my husband that I thought comparison hit hardest on single girls. We’re scrolling through our social medias, seeing all of our friends getting engaged or having babies and we’re attempting not to get jealous.
At best, we’re wishing our lives were like theirs, at worst, we’re judging them in attempt to make ourselves feel better.
But I’ve found that comparison isn’t picky about what circumstances we find ourselves in. It will hit us any time we let it. I thought for sure once I got married, it would go away, but it just takes a new form.
Now instead of wishing I had someone, it turns into wondering if I’m as good of a wife as that girl. Or (even worse) whether my husband treats me as good as that girl’s husband did in that post she shared.
Social media is a HUGE part of this, but it isn’t everything. It’s deeper than that. Comparison likes to prey on our insecurities – the things we assume everyone else notices about us that we want to hide.
What I’ve found is that THANKFULNESS demolishes comparison. For me, that looks like thanking God for my life and looking around to see all the present circumstances I’m LIVING in that I used to CRAVE so badly!
What about you? COMMENT and tell me something about your life you are thankful for right now! Putting it into words affirms it! Seriously, let’s hear it.
Wedding Tip: Staying on the thankfulness topic – while planning your wedding, you will have EVERY opportunity to either be thankful or to comparison and wish things were different. There are SO many options you can choose for your wedding day, meaning there is so much room for comparison if you allow it. OR you can choose to be thankful for your day: the venue, your people, your dress! Write down a few things you’re thankful for about your wedding and rest in the fact that IT WILL BE AWESOME!

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