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December 13, 2018

State Botanical Gardens | Athens, GA | Engagement Session


I said this to Courtney & John so many times, they’re probably tired of hearing it, but they¬†are so adorable!¬†They are high school sweethearts; it was obvious they are super comfortable with each other.


I knew they were best friends after I asked John on 10+ separate occasions to make Courtney laugh and he nailed it every time! Like many engaged couples, these two are are juggling planning a wedding and finishing school while taking care of their sweet boxer mix dog. Seriously, I admire how much my couples are GO GETTERS – they already have their wedding planned and now they’re on to planning the honeymoon!


PS – I dare you to try to make it through all these photos without smiling to yourself. Seriously, they are so snuggly and giggly, it’s adorable!


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