How Fake Wedding Exit = Better Portraits

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April 9, 2019



You may be wondering how a fake exit at your wedding would contribute to your portraits? Did you know finding your wedding photographer is only half the battle to having great wedding images? A great wedding photographer can turn almost any situation into something wonderful! Can you imagine what they could do with a wedding day planned around great photos?!


The Myth You May Be Believing


“If I schedule a lot of time on the front end for my photos, I will be taking photos all day on my wedding day.”


This is a really common misconception. The reality is, the more time you give for photos, the less stressed everyone is, the easier it is to get GREAT images quickly. This means you can enjoy portrait time AND end up with more “hang time” than you’d imagine!



Okay, but what’s a “fake exit”?


A “fake exit” simply means you choose to do your exit before the wedding is actually over for photography purposes.


Two types of fake exits:


  1. For everyone: This means you literally schedule a fake exit for all your guests with a known “after party” continuing after the exit. This gives older guests or guests who are traveling the ability to stay for all the events & then head out earlier. (My favorite option!)
  2. Select few: This option includes just family & wedding party stepping out for your fake exit. Oftentimes, the dance floor is going strong! The fake exit takes about 1-2 songs to complete – most people won’t realize you’re missing!


Little known fact:  The majority of the reception photos posted on Facebook or in a wedding album come from the first 45 minutes of a reception. Usually my clients’ favorites from the reception are the Special Dances & the initial excitement when the dance floor first opens.



What You GAIN from the Fake Exit


My clients are usually highly interested in their Bride & Groom portrait time. It’s why they hired me, it’s my speciality! Every wedding day, I do everything I can to educate & inform them of ways they can help create the BEST atmosphere for great couple’s portraits.


The number ONE way to create space for great Couple’s Portraits is by doing a first look – Click Here to read more about my take on first looks!


The first look allows ALL portraits to be completed before the ceremony! Which is awesome! This frees you up to enjoy your reception or cocktail hour immediately!


However, that means we need more time on the FRONT end of your day! The fake exit ensures we start earlier giving you more time (& less stress) to enjoy your photos and your wedding day. It also ensures we capture ALL the special moments of your reception & then you can party all night without spending additional money just to cover your exit!


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