Save on Details, Spend on Photography

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April 25, 2019

Save Money on Details, Spend on Photography



Okay, you may be thinking I’m a little biased on this one – & you’re right. But for good reason! If you’ve ever scrolled through a wedding blog, you probably noticed the HUGE amount of pretty detail photos? Maybe you subconsciously started to think, “I really need lots of great details for great photos!”


This is not true! If you have a larger wedding budget and a strong desire for the details – go for it!! But if you don’t have a large budget and/or don’t value the details as much, don’t worry!


Booking an experienced photographer who you click with will change the game! Invest in your photography – the only thing that serves a purpose AFTER the wedding day ends – and allow your photographer to create magic from what you have.



This is an example from an engagement session (not even a wedding day where there are more detail options). Look at how much VARIETY can be added with JUST the ring?! The ring shots took me about 5 minutes ALL in the same location but it added a lot to their overall gallery and feel.




Note that there are only 3 “extra expense” details included here. The shoes, the veil and the bridal bouquet! In this case, it doesn’t necessarily matter if the bridesmaid bouquets are just as beautiful. I photographed all the details on the same chair within 5 minutes of each other! Simply moving the ring to different flowers to add color and fullness to their gallery!


If there are lots of details, that’s great! I love photographing details! But if you are limited in the detail depart, I love using similar items in different ways to give you a FULL gallery and PLENTY of options for your wedding album!

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