Ali & Aaron


April 22, 2019






Honestly, I have SO many emotions as I look through this wedding day! I almost never do wedding for friends of mine, so getting to capture this day was truly an honor.


Ali went from “just a college roommate” to a best friend over the last 6 years and getting to watch God’s promises fulfilled in her life brings me a lot of joy!


Georgia weddings are always unpredictable. Last weekend, it was 87 degrees and sunny, this wedding was 45 and rainy! But it was so perfect! Ali was totally relaxed and ready to marry Aaron no matter what the weather!




Ali is such a loyal and devoted friend; I know we were all so excited to support and celebrate her on this day!




The first time I really spent time with Aaron, I thought, “This guy is awesome for Ali. He is such a peaceful & calm presence!”




We love her so much!!




Their ceremony was so sweet & intimate. There was so much joy in these moments!



They are MARRIED!



Their families are the sweetest! They are ROCKSTARS and made this weekend absolutely perfect! (Despite the rain & 45 degree weather)



Their portrait time was so sweet! After years of being together, this was their FIRST moment with the two of them as husband & wife!



Seriously though?! She’s a model.




Their reception had SO many emotions! From the heart felt toasts to an amazing dance floor! (Shout out to Marlon with GO DJ!!)




We love you Ali Bobo (McGowan!) & Aaron!!!!


  1. Kim McGowen (Aaron's mom) says:

    Michele, these pictures are stunning! You captured the heart of the love Aaron and Ali have for each other. Well done!!!

    • Michele Houston says:

      Thank you so much, Kim! You have the sweetest family! I can’t believe it took us this long to finally meet you all (we’ve heard such great things through Ali over the years!)

  2. Brenda Jett says:

    One of the most lovely captures of a wedding. . . Felt as if I were there in person for the moment. Simply, beautifully done. Wishing both many blessings for many years.

    • Michele Houston says:

      Thank you so much Brenda! I love capturing the “essence” of the day for the couple to remember!

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