View this spring 2023 wedding day from the blueberry vineyards of Hadden Estate in Watkinsville, Georgia.

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This is not what you had in mind when you set out to plan your wedding.. a pandemic?! For many brides, you’re faced with a tough decision: do I move my wedding date? And then the big follow up question.. “WHEN is it safe to schedule my wedding?” I want to give you some “tough […]

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There is No Normal Anymore If you’ve been planning your wedding for any amount of time, you’ve gone through Pinterest, planners and blogs to make decisions based off of what others have done before you. But the others before you didn’t plan (& replan) their weddings during a pandemic?! The wedding “standards” and expectations that […]

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Pregnancy & Newborn Changes Because of Quaratine During this time of quarantine and social distancing, I’m watching as my Facebook feed fills with new moms who are navigating such a weird time in history. As a pregnant woman myself, I’m learning how to embrace this time as a gift from God and learn to adapt […]

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