View this spring 2023 wedding day from the blueberry vineyards of Hadden Estate in Watkinsville, Georgia.

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This Should be FIRST on Your Wedding Checklist   You just got engaged and you’re probably feeling excited to get started with the planning process! Many brides make the mistake of beginning their vendor search without checking off the most important to-do item FIRST: your wedding budget.   The Unsexy, but Vital I’ll admit, budgets aren’t […]

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3 Reasons NOT to Have a Backyard Wedding   Are you considering a wedding at home? Maybe you’re trying to save money or maybe you simply love the location. However, there are a few reasons that this may not be the best way to go.   Reason #1: Rain Plans are Really (really) Hard Usually […]

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4 Reasons to Invite Less Than 100 Wedding Guests   If you’re beginning the wedding planning process, you’ve probably already started imagining the guests you’ll invite. Many couples assume that everyone invites 150-300 guests to their wedding & simply follow suite. However, there are some pretty solid reasons for why having less than 100 guests at your […]

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Save Money on Details, Spend on Photography     Okay, you may be thinking I’m a little biased on this one – & you’re right. But for good reason! If you’ve ever scrolled through a wedding blog, you probably noticed the HUGE amount of pretty detail photos? Maybe you subconsciously started to think, “I really […]

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