Top 3 Reasons to Do a Winter Wedding

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July 16, 2018

While many brides will be planning their spring weddings, there are some serious perks to planning your wedding during the winter. Here are just a few:


The Colors are Gorgeous.

While I’m all about some greenery, the lack of outdoor color actually proves to be beneficial during the winter. Your colors pop off the page while outdoor backgrounds remain subtle, neutral and timeless. Bold floral colors mixed with darker bridesmaids and groomsmen attire are sure to create a classic, beautiful color palette for your wedding.


Avoid the Sweat.

Somehow I think this is one that most couples don’t properly anticipate. If you plan your wedding in Georgia between April-October, you will sweat. It’s always underestimated, but once your factor in the nerves, the amount of people in one room, hot irons, moving around, etc. it gets hot. Being in the cold for a few minutes may not be your ideal scenario, but it won’t mess up make-up, create oil or frizz in hair, or cause anyone to smell – making winter weddings the more practical and glamorous choice.


Discounted Photography Rates.

love winter weddings and I’m so excited it’s becoming more and more common. Because of that, I am offering $200 off any photography package of your choice for wedding booked in January or February of 2019.

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