What’s Your Promise?


July 14, 2018

“God gives us the vision, then He takes us down to the valley to batter us into the shape of the vision, and it is in the valley that so many of us faint and give way” – Oswald Chambers

1. What’s your promise?

Before I start, I want you to think of a personal vision or promise God has given you. Maybe you didn’t realize it was God, but it would be something about your future that you can’t possibly see coming to pass, but you have a deep desire for it to be true.

A little over a year ago, in a frustrated state, I asked God why He seemingly gave everyone else a specific call in life but not me? I felt like I was wandering around not sure where to focus.

His reply was simple: I’ve been trying to make you a wedding photographer.

2. Who’s voice have you been listening to?

Fill in the blank here for yourself. What has God been trying to promise or call you to? Is it something you don’t believe will happen so you dismiss it? Is it something you don’t understand and you don’t like feeling out of control?

For me, I had people compliment my photography, but when I sat in front of my computer alone, editing photos, I always beat myself up over every little thing I could have done differently. And my conclusion became: you’re not made to be a photographer.

3. Are you focused on the wrong thing?

If our hearts get set on seeing the outcome, we will grow faint and give up.

Imagine a baby learning to walk: the parent is standing a few feet away with their arms open awaiting the child. The child’s goal: get mom. The parent’s goal: help my child learn to walk by using something they love as a motivator.

God is the same way. He uses something we love as a motivator to become the person He’s created us to be.

4. Do we have the character to sustain our promise if we got it?

It’s not a trick. We still get the promise, but when we get there, we will know how to take care of it because of the character built into us.

Imagine giving a 2 year old a cell phone as a gift. They would chew on it, throw it, and quickly break it. But once they become 16 year olds, they have an understanding of how to take care of belongings, the benefits of having a phone; they are much more likely to use it wisely.

Likewise, God gives us a promise way before it happens so that we will work out the issues in our character on our journey to truly taking hold of the promise.

5. Where are you now?

Where are you at in that journey? Do you realize you ARE still in the journey, even if you’ve been doubting?

Five years ago, I bought my first camera. I shadowed weddings, I did a few for friends, but I “quit” photography at least 5 times. I said I would never do it again after _____. In 2017, I photographed three weddings. Only three, but I was really proud of them. Today, I have 14 wedding booked for 2018 and already 8 booked for 2019. I never ever thought that would happen. But the doubt, the fake quitting, the learning to stop beating myself up has all been a part of the process to get me here.

And truthfully, this isn’t “it” for me. This is great, but this isn’t the complete goal. But it’s staring at the top of the mountain from the valley and thinking “finally, I can actually see the top”.

QUESTION: what’s your promise & where are you currently at in the journey? You’ve read this far, so something must be speaking to you. Tell me in the comments!

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