There are a million things I could say about 2019 weddings, but my FAVORITE thing to talk about are the unique moments that marked this year. Every wedding has some moment that stands out as really special. That moment is always so different depending on the bride and groom’s personalities. For some, it’s the teary-eyed […]

Best of 2019: Unique Moments

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There are a million things I could say about 2019 weddings, but my FAVORITE thing to talk about are the unique moments that marked this year. Every wedding has some moment that stands out as really special.

That moment is always so different depending on the bride and groom’s personalities. For some, it’s the teary-eyed speeches from their parents, for others it’s the dance party with their best friends.

The most important thing to take away from this post is to BE TRUE TO YOU on your wedding day because those moments are going to stand out to you (& your people!)

Ali & Aaron | God bless Ali’s sweet grandma! Right when the rings came out she said loudly, “Oh boy!!” Everyone started laughing and I got the PERFECT opportunity for what might just be my favorite image of 2019!! Their entire ceremony was so special.

They got married at Ali’s parents home (a gorgeous home I might add!!) It was late April, but somehow ended up being 40 degrees and rainy all day?! Most people would assume this would mess up plans, but their gorgeous wrap-around-porch ceremony made for the most intimate setting I’ve seen at a wedding yet!

Anna & David | David is a part of the fire department, so they got this old fire truck for photos on their wedding day! We had already gotten all of our “standard” portraits with her wedding party which meant we got to loosen up and have fun during these!

Ashley & Chris | I loved our “Just Married” portrait time with Ashley and Chris! For every wedding day that includes a first look, I schedule in 5-10 minutes after the ceremony for portraits. Usually the light is gorgeous and the couple is EVEN more relaxed and excited! Since no one had to carry around flowers or veils for this part, we got to show off Ashley’s unique wedding dress and let the focus be on the bride and groom!

Ashley & Steven | I’m not sure I’ve ever seen this happen before.. Ashley and Steven both bought Happy Birthday cards for each other, marked out Happy Birthday & replaced it with “Wedding Day”! This photo of Ashley is when she first realized what had happened and couldn’t stop laughing.

Aubrey & Wake | Aubrey’s dream was to have her outdoor, spring ceremony, but the rain kept threatening us! Even though the radar predicted rain, we actually only had about 15 minutes of rain all day! We took out the clear umbrellas for a “just for fun” photo because we never actually needed them!

Ava & Brent | Their reception had so many sweet moments! One of my favorites was when we got to steal the bride and groom away for about 5 minutes of photos! 255 Milledge has a GORGEOUS tree wrapped in lights, perfect for a unique night time portrait!

Brittany & Matt | Waffle House!! Brittany and Matt got to have their completely outdoor ceremony and reception including a Waffle House food truck!

Chelsea & Thomas | The Graduate Hotel’s lobby is the perfect place for unique portraits! We started Chelsea and Thomas’ first look in the lobby and continued with taking a few Bride and Groom portraits here. Since their wedding was in July, we didn’t have to fight off college students and parents and had the whole place to ourselves!

Brittany & David | There was so much JOY during Brittany and David’s reception! We took all their portraits ahead of time, so after the ceremony, it was time to ENJOY! They were both so genuinely excited and happy the entire night!

Courtney & Ritchie | Courtney chose to do a first look with her dad and then give gifts to each of her parents. Her dad loves her so much.. this moment was so sweet!!

Caroline & Austin | Their reception time was SO FUN! They planned perfectly for a party with their college friends (and Hairy Dawg, of course!) Near the beginning of their dancing time, the whole wedding party called the dawgs and in came Hairy Dawg to join the party!

Emily & Nicolas | Bubble ceremony exit!!! Emily was one of my first brides to take me up on the recommendation of doing a ceremony exit instead of an end of the night exit. THIS moment is when you’re most excited and joyful (& the light is great!!) It turned out to be some of my favorite images from a ceremony!!

Hannah & Donald | Ladiessss!!!! This wedding felt like a fun reunion for me because I’ve known many of these girls since I was a kid. This group of ladies are extremely close and it made their photo time really fun. I’m pretty all I had to say was.. “someone say something funny!” and they all started laughing!

Maddy & Clint | When planning Maddy & Clint’s timeline, Maddy told me they were most excited for their reception! Once we got there, I could tell why! These two know how to throw a GREAT PARTY and their guests were SO much fun! It’s pretty unusual to have THIS many people dancing for SO long!!

Shelby & Will | These two had an early wedding ceremony and a lunch reception prepared for their guests. Since Shelby’s dad is the pastor of their church, the women of the church pulled out ALL THE STOPS for their wedding day! Their food and decorations were SO IMPRESSIVE?!

Lindsey & Josh | Although you can’t tell from the photos, it was POURING the majority of Lindsey and Josh’s wedding day! These portraits are such a blessing because the rain stopped at JUST the time we needed it to so that we could get all the pretty Georgia greenery in their photos!

Christine & Ridge | Christine pulled off an impressive surprise by inviting Hairy Dawg to their reception at 255 Milledge! Ridge was on the UGA Football team and was excited to have him join their dance party!!

Emily & Tony | These images were actually caught by my second shooter (go Katherine!!) while I was preparing for the ceremony! The ladies were tucked away right before the ceremony was beginning and decided to pray for Emily as she becomes a WIFE!

Haley & Jake | I’ve never seen anybody do this!! Haley and Jake had a Bourbon pouring to signify unity during their ceremony. (With Bob Marley playing in the background, of course!) It was a part of their ceremony that was SO them!

Kara & Aaron | That mountain sunset!! I love how White Oaks Barn looks during sunset. As mentioned in a past post, Kara had hurt her foot and was actually wearing a boot to help on her wedding day. She was SUCH a trooper when I asked if she wanted to walk back out to the mountain area for some sunset photos! (This girl is a MODEL & is always down for more portraits!! I love it!!)

Kim & Marcus | Best way to start a dance party ever!!! Kim and Marcus began their dance floor with the Jewish dance.. they were raised up in chairs while all their guests danced around with them! Needless to say, the dance floor was HOT all night during their reception!

Courtney & John | Courtney’s dad had such a sweet toast during their reception! It was obvious she cares deeply for her people (& her dad loves her SO much!!)

Theresa & Chris | Dance party!! I was a little nervous when I realized Theresa would have a dance party at a morning wedding, but I was WRONG! These people LOVE TO DANCE!! There was so much joy and celebration happening!

Shannon & Scott | Everything about their reception was PERFECT. Shannon said she imagined her wedding as having a “Secret Garden” feel and she totally nailed it. Once they were married, Shannon couldn’t stop smiling the whole night!

Lindsay & Bob | THIS VIEW!! I’m so grateful for Lindsay and Bob letting me take SO many portraits of them!! We started in this spot for their first look, but then when the sun started to set during their reception, I asked them to run back out and I’M SO GLAD WE DID!!

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